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  1. Good job mate, nice to see you keep with that!
  2. Show the PSDs dude!! whe want see the mario!! jkjk
  3. create a prospect account, do some serious works, wait or ask for a invitation, no comments, no post if you dont have a invitiation.
  4. Ready to work just send me a IMG with the design. mail: root@seeyadesigns.com
  5. its a very exclusive site, you can register a account but only a prospect, then you will wait to get a invitation, or donate to get promoted. but there is soo great artist. but good luck!
  6. Well isnt bad for be the first one after a while, a random theme i really like that and very well done ;) kiu.
  7. Better search tutorials on the internet you can find too many ones, is the best way to get exacly what you want.
  8. too much drama for something what is really insignificant, i mean what give you the Karma? nothing its just a way to give yo a thanks for your effort NOTHING MORE, you will not come mode only for have a big karma, but maybe some people really like it as "good, good kid, go to bed" or im wrong? NOTE: is totally ridiculous thats about the donations for karma, like some one say here, thats is for the people who dont have time or didnt want spend time posting to have a high post count to see hide topics, and more recent the people donate to have a bit more of attention to advertise their serv
  9. well well whe have here someone lazy here hum? cmon mate, go to work ;)
  10. Looks good mate, i guess you did this with pen tool right? dont get exausted its pretty hard find a logo and make it fits with ur works, i have done pixel changes on my own a couple of times. KIU.
  11. Good one m8, just feel a bit empty on the right, and you should create some focal point, cuz from the first time my eyes dont know what to see, so you need create a point where the atention must be on. the rest its pretty good you must try doing some smudge in differents layers and play with settings and optacy to create a best atmo. for last looks blurry, give more focus imo. KIU!