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  1. he just started the whole flame against me so i report him
  2. clean the topic that guy is so anyoning and flamer http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/209253-l2j-mora-network/page-7?do=findComment&comment=2604924
  3. maybe you are right, but how some free accessories from l2jbrasl that i've used before now has a problem?
  4. I just downloaded some accessory and they were working perfectly but after i reinstalled my client suddenly an error appeared the hats are not working i mean the customaccessorytex.utx file has error i couldnt add these hats it says files are corrupted please full check wtf? i had no problem on previous client and these hats were working perfectly but after the client reinstall i have this error all the time on these specific hats, customaccessorytex.utx files are corrupted please full check... does anyone know somethin about this? even i took customaccessorytex.utx file from other server patc
  5. Aahhh u sneaky sneaky XD u gonna eat some encrypyed armor grp files cause u need dem hats right? XD
  6. Such a nice guide mate! but let me ask u something out of this share, how can i add server logo to the chat lmao?
  7. bulgaria is bulgaria like it or not that country is not that easy to earn money because they getting paid very low if you dont know about other countries you should not even try to talk keep selling your crappy files and gfto tested both svr with your files and i can say it was a pure fail balance and everything so you sell files for 200-300 Euros and people with 0 knowledge buying your craps dont even try to tell me to give you proofs ppl who played servers with your files already know that
  8. Trusted and very skilled person 100% reccomended, His job is pure art.
  9. So pathetics nabz like u always choose that way, your logic of l2 is just f1-f2 thats all i bet you are great main assister.
  10. Mate i can help you buy still i didnt understand what actually u wanna do.