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  1. Interesting, the main difference between male/female is that female gets that final escape move and male gets that UD move, and a few others i dont remember
  2. Very decent video, and the end is great. Id love to see more .
  3. Why are forums dead? Its because L2 is dying out, i quit l2 months ago, along with several others, theres just not that level of fun anymore and all these private servers are total shit, either corrupted or just plain stupid in farming or pvp. I just decided to take a trip down to mxc and this is the first post i saw :P All in all, lets wait for l3? or blade and soul...
  4. agreed, thats why the 2nd top vote is itll suck lmao.
  5. IL...after interlude, ncsoft fuccked upp lol.
  6. a little of both wud be interesting, but farmming is neccesary.
  7. lol yeah your asking for a ban while doin this.
  8. lol? this seems too easy, all those scripts for free? 0 post count? BUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUULLShiit.
  9. sure.. why wudnt it work? im guessing the latest version is the best, but alotta servers have anti phx lately.