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  1. Όλοι τόσο μάγκες ήσασταν πάντα η τώρα βγάλατε τρίχες στα αρχιδια σας;
  2. Well x75 Rates mean you won't really have to grind that many mobs for XP anyway. Also, players will be able to do the Noblesse Quest Full Retail without any help so theres always that.
  3. You would also have to consider that 90% of the players of Interlude, don't really wanna play on higher chronicles, that's why they still stick with Interlude after so many years. It's a matter of taste. After God, Lineage is a whole different game. But what you are saying would be a dope project for someone to develop out of sheer curiosity or passion.
  4. You mean switching servers slowly or the server progressing to the next client every let's say 4 months? Although the idea is cool, if you had an L2j pack I wouldn't want to imagine the bugs you would face. But I'm gonna be using L2 OFF files so that's almost impossible to be done properly. Not to mention OFF packs for later chronicles are so expensive I doubt it's worth investing.
  5. You seem to totally get the point of the server I want to present. However enchant should be higher so that end game is longer. At least that is my opinion. Noblesse will certainly be retail without any help through Shops. @MrPro* Banners still attract the eye.
  6. As I said, the draft says the server will be launched after Easter. Slow and careful testing has to take place as well as make sure i advertise as much as I can on Topzone, Hopzone and Various Forums. The first thing that will be done fast is the website, where all information will be posted. It may go live this week.
  7. Hey thanks on that. @MrPro* What I mean is, servers around are either closing after 2 weeks or you are forced to choose between the exact type of "craft" server. Pvp Interlude is pretty much dead and there are maybe 2 low rates worth playing. (x10 or less). As I plan on opening a server of course I'm going to ask for suggestions. Why not!? Doesn't mean I'm going to change the server's concept but good ideas may come.
  8. I see where you are coming from. However I dislike classic and its weird playing mid rate on such a grindy environment. Classic was made to be based on endless farm and pvp for monsters In the open world. However by tweaking it's rates you just get a incomplete game let's say, since the goal of the project was to slowly catch up to C6 and a lot of features are still missing. As I said about advertisement, it's the number 1 thing on my list. About buying a dead project - no. I dislike the idea of renting somebody's name for a quick buck.
  9. As I said, main concern and the most of the budget will be invested in advertising. This is just an inquiry topic. About the rates, that's specifically why I'm going away from the classic craft type of server. I want good progression and power curves while maintaining an interesting end game.
  10. Others experiences might help. You know regarding features etc. I am mainly looking for players opinions but unfortunately it seems like only Russian forums are alive. I plan on launching the server after Easter. I am looking for any kind of assistance for tests in the upcoming month and also I need 1 fluent Brazilian speaker and 1 Russian speaker. I am also looking to create a huge advertisement team. If anyone is interested drop me a pm.
  11. I think advertising is equally important to files if not even more nowadays. 5 years ago a Global Mod topic on MXC could help you immensely. You should have supported your project if you believed in it. I would like you to send me a message with your experience as an Admin and your main features, so I can understand somewhat better why it fell off.
  12. I understand where you are coming from. That's exactly why I mentioned you should support the server even with few online to prove that if someone wants to play on something stable that it's not the classic craft x50 RU server they can join you. Did you open a server recently? You sound experienced firsthand.
  13. No need to force them on B Grade. I Kinda find it pointless. They will be able to get A Grade fairly easy, and S grade a little bit harder. The tough part will be adding a S. A
  14. Thanks. Players must always have something to do so they don't quit. I would not make Epics available for at least 2 weeks, and would only 1 castle available. I would also limit clans on 30 members and no alliances to avoid zerg and force more clans to be created. If you see the server dying, you stick with the server and find a way to provide a good expansion. A new raid boss, a new item, something to keep the players going.