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  1. thanks, but you has posted the same changes as l2jserver xDDDD.
  2. I tested a lot of freeweb hostings and for my opinion one of the best are this: http://www.ueuo.com/
  3. Hello guys, I have a question about how make a SQL for restarting the server to a particular hour. For exemple restart the server every days at 0.20 hours. Any idea to make it? I tested this but don't work: INSERT INTO global_tasks (`id`, `task`, `type`, `last_activation`, `param1`, `param2`, `param3`) VALUES (5, 'restart', 'TYPE_TIME', 1218683548877, '00:20:00', '', '360'); Thanks for all.
  4. Rates: * XP: x25 * SP: x25 * Party: x2 * Drop: x4 * Adena: x200 * Max. Enchant: 30 * Safe Enchant: 3 Spanish: Estas son las características del server: * GMShop. * Global Gatekeeper. * NPC Buffer y Newbie buffer. * Traje de boda y otros adornos como Talismanes en la GMSHOP * Blacksmith of Mammon Propio. * NPC embuidor y moob que dropea items para Lifestones. * NPC cambia Seals Stone por AA. * NPC Gold Bank. * Gato de profesión. * Subclases sin quest. * Nobleza por quest. * Asedios, Clan Halls, Bodas y Olimpiadas activas. * Eventos automat