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  1. before u copy the files .. Delete the old system folder ; p
  2. Hey, some'1 got idea.. how to make it? on Innova Server's ? [ Ultimate ZooM ]
  3. off .. ? l2j . xd 4 sure u dont have off server files. and the protocol for Eu servers = 415 ; )
  4. how to hell edit the user.ini for eu servers?;p if i cant change the l2.exe ...
  5. there are some bugs [ with phx ] for freya etc.? xd
  6. there is a the same program for free in the net ;p You must know only name ;D And i'll dont tell u .xd Tip:. Its for other game .xd
  7. When u use macro, and in this macro u put next macro [ in the shortcut ] Ex. use macro in "F1" and in this macro i have /useshortcut 1 2 and in F2 i have next macro .. and now i got a msg " Once a macro is assigned to a shortcut, it cannot be run as a macro again." ...
  8. Hello. Its posible to make .... To use a macro what use next macro ? [ Client Block this action ] but mby some'1 have some idea.? what to edit. ; p
  9. ;o i na dodatek dziecko neo. Niestety, dzieci tutaj botów nie znajdą. Go play Terris.