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  1. I already did. Now only the last line works, the other one is not working in game.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I want to show 2 different names inside 1 region I have tried changing the coords to -1 or using only 1 zone's coords but it still showing only the last entry (364) in game. If I use 0 to 2nd value (zone_color_id) it shows only the 363. Can someone explains what are those values actually and how I can achieve my goal? I think that zone_color_id is the issue after many tries but I don't know what it is.
  3. This solution won't work cause all bones of NPCs were used for animation so the effect would be moveable no matter what. I fixed the issue by creating a new mommy bone. Thanks
  4. Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone knows how to properly modify zonename-e.dat? I am trying to add 2 different names within 1 region (kamalokas), but for some reason it always sees only my 1 input. If someone knows what are these: Thank you
  5. Hello guys, I am trying to add an effect to an NPC, this effect: The problem is that this NPC does not have a Mommy bone so when I attach the effect to another bone, the effect moves with NPC's animations while I want it to be stable. Anyone knows how I can create a Mommy bone? I tried to copy from another NPC but then the rotation of the NPC breaks: All I want is to add a Mommy bone which must not be affected by NPC's animations. Thank you
  6. Because I want to use various things like Texpanner to images to make some cards
  7. Hello I was wondering can I use Shaders and Finalblends to my NPC htmls or it has to be Texture only? Thank you
  8. I renamed all -r to -j and used Japan language to localization and now it works!
  9. hi guys, im having the following issue: when i set localization.ini to Russia then loading screen disappears and its always black, when I set it to English it's working good. Screenshot: I tried to make a new loading on l2font-r but it never works thank you
  10. Select and full restart is okay with me, but I can't make it work
  11. Anyone have it translated to ru language? Thanks
  12. Yeah it doesnt work for me, because as I said I want to be able to change language while playing from settings. I also posted my interface code
  13. You probably did not understand..I can see Russian in game if I change localization to Language=8 and English when I set to =1 but I want to change those in game from option window live and not by editing localization.ini all time.