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  1. i just want to use some hacks on that server which its owner scammed me that ( son of a ***** )
  2. its -.- hard to use l2net in that server security always detecting me no matter how fast i do it
  3. is koksas l2damage's owner ? if so then read that, i got scammed on l2damage i donated them 109usd then i transferred my donation coins to another account and then it disappeared i talked with the admin on thier forums and told him my story then he asked to wait while he check transactions from the account i did donate with then he said : ( i dont see any transaction from your account ) after that i showed him a prove from my bank that i donated, and since that time he is ignoring me BTW i am 100% sure that the admin or his gm ( if he is not the same person admin+gm ) is the one who de