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  1. I would run flat ap and defense by level.
  2. Yes he is a very agile champ and can be both ad and ap.
  3. FAQ: Who are you? I am an experienced Lineage 2 player located in the United States. What services do you offer? Power leveling - specifically 1-85 and 75-85. Which server do you offer these services on? Official Bartz server. Have you been doing this long? I have been leveling players 75-85 in 16-20 hours the past month and am looking to expand the services I offer. Well, i'm interested can you tell me more? Lvl 1-85 takes around 3 days (72 hours). For this you will only need to supply an account with a fresh character (no adena or items). I will legitimately level your char
  4. Population is rising, join us today!
  5. Every server has donations. Any donation items are obtainable in-game by regular players, I don't see why your even whining about them. Thats NOT OP at ALL.
  6. Full Chronicle 3 server, one of few in existence (if not the only), featuring the legendary L2eXtreme's custom features + extras. Rates are 35x. Visit the website for more information! www.L2OldSkool.org
  7. Can't you read? Seriously, CT2 GRACIA. If everyone that viewed and said they may join actually joined we would have alot of players! Join us!
  8. Try a real server! L2Fusion 35x free subs - 1 hour buffs - where the pros come to battle!
  9. Hey everyone we have updated all buffs (Prophecies/songs/dances/everything) to 1 hour! so join in now and start your quest to be the ultimate player!