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  1. this skill made for off servers for protect u from newbie debuffs when max buff slot is 24, not for mental shield or smthing, btw nice share :D
  2. Reputation points perneis: otan gineis hero 1k points otan pareis castle apo pvp kills se clan wars quest aden me killing rb (npc name Sir Eric Rodemai,pisw apo to monument of heroes)einai 5/6 rb p dinoun 1k points to kathe ena ,[ola exoun respawn 1 day] FORTRESS: edw perneis ta poio pola points sto ligotero xrono nomizw..trela rep pts :P P.S:Ama einai kialla i thymithw tha kanw ena edit
  3. pare to diko m..nomizw doulevei..gia des http://rapidshare.com/files/148559581/GameGuard.rar.html