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  1. Hello is there any tool that can change the drop rates of quest items and the quest reward and if there is maybe share a link if possible? About files - Vanganth Interlude Thanks in advance.
  2. Hello I`m reading the forum very much last weeks and I want to run server as hobby (maybe with some friends) ofc when I have more knowledge and practice with files. So I found a site - http://www.lineage2.org.uk/download-category/l2off-files/page/3/ with some free l2off server packs and would be grateful if someone tell me if it worth using them (specially interlude one) or better download shared Vangath files in the forum? Also from what I understood while reading about programs that is needed I got the following stuff: - Microsoft SQL Server 2008r2 Express with Managment tools x64
  3. All good? When I try create account it says cant connect to database