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  1. this guy is a scammer ... These "I work in my soucer for 2 years", actually means that I did all this work. I went through a few good times with this guy, delaying payments and sometimes not paying. The last service I did for him did not pay me, blocked me in all means of contact and is now selling the project. Well I do not advise buying, as the only programmer for this project, I guarantee that it is not safe. PS .: whoever wants the source I make it available for free with all the existing mods, just send me a private message
  2. Hey there, i am selling some java mods for aCis coded from scratch by myself. Daily Mission System You can setup your own server mission through a XML file. You can create missions that supports killing npcs or winning server events. You can use the Alt+B version or NpcHtmlMessage version price: 15 euro No Carrier System The system prevent abnormaly disconnected players loss some raids or running events the player have sometime to connect back If player was in party, then it don't need to join again, game will connect
  3. Olá mano, estou com uma interface que peguei aqui sua porem com um visual bem mais clean, só que o auto farm não está funcionando, teria como adaptar ele para nós?

  4. Tem com a disponibilização do link para nós? Give me link please, please 🙂