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  1. I want to sell the whole account. not items separate. Yul 110 Human Ghost Sentinel/ Othell 105 Valakas Thrower Lvl 1 with shillen lvl 6 Ultimate R99 Leather Set +10 lvl3 Legendary Dyes Lvl 5 P,skill power/ P,Skill crit Dmg/ P Atk. Enhanced Ruler Authority +4 Radiant Warrior Circlet +5 Heirs Radiance PvP Lvl 2 Enhanced 110 Sigil +4 Aug Lindvior Earring Pure +6 Aug Bless Antharas Pure +5 Aug Fallen Angel Ring Charisma lvl2 +10 Aug Angel Ring Elements Lvl2 +6 Aug Bless Valakas Neck Mind +3 +5 Dragon rind Leather Shirt +5 Superior La vie en Brooch