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  1. I saw announcement in pufa group. He was selling 2 items and drag me to this group named l2 programmers, I don’t know him at all. I asked him to use pufa and he drag me to your group when we got in chat with pufa and he asked for items he didn’t send items at all. Pufa is well know in this business and he is not a scammer, we already traded before. https://dropmefiles.com/cJcjR I think this is a second window of they or it will make no sense to drag me. If i try to scam post proof here.
  2. Scammers. They join other mm services discords and try to sell items to people with fake accounts. Bluestars is an account of them, they invite me to group and then ban me after I recognize that they are scammers. When we got in mm with my middle man this guy refused to send items. That’s it, simply scammers.