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  1. Each class class in Swtor has a different leveling experience, since each class’s main storyline is instanced and it has different instance. Moreover, most of the classes have different starting zones. When you are leveling up in game, there are some tips that can help you level up fast. We will share this guide: how to level up fast with swtor fans. If you have different opinion, share your comment below this. Daily Quests and Weekly Quests Daily Quest Hubs Boosts Character Legacy Unlocks
  2. As you know, SWTOR credits are very impoartant in the game, so how to make more credits? This is a real player's video, here are the best ways to make more swtor gold. There was a lot of buying low, selling high and the Galactic Trade Network (GTN) playing cartel market item. Now crafting has taken a huge role in making credits fast and consistently. I am going to talk about some very effective methods you should be using in the game and taking advantage of them as much as possible.