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  1. ❗ Launcher link now available ❗
  2. We understand that forum registration alone can be problematic. Because it is actually in Polish, but after registration you can change the forum language to English in the user profile. As we wrote above, on the forum all topics assumed by the administration are in 2 languages Polish and English. In addition to the forum, we also have a discord and facebook where all relevant information is also provided in both of the above languages. All events were and are conducted in English. Although most of the players on the servers are Poles, they are not our only players. We appreciate t
  3. The server is for the international community. On the forum all communications from the administration are in two languages Polish and English Just like on fb and discod, all messages are bilingual. You can also communicate with the gm in English. Events organized by the administration on the server are in English. In summary, the server is dedicated to the international community.
  4. We are introducing You the amazing premium server OPEN BETA - Friday 15th of November (20:00 GMT+1) GRAND OPENING - Friday 22th of November (20:00 GMT+1) TRAILER GRAVELAND INTERLUDE WEBSITE FEATURES DOWNLOAD FACEBOOK GRAVELAND DISCORD GRAVELAND PARTNER SERVER Features Full information will be available on our site before the start of the Beta server.