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  1. We do. Word : any response not directly employing the natural subject of a thread is ignored unless its an authorized forum user asking for proofs of no deal between me and the idiot @ aforementioned.
  2. I am American and i would only use American or worst case Canadian based middleman service with a legal US/Canada resident behind it. So that in case of any fraudulent activity i can file a legal approach to multiple governmental agencies. Other than that, moving past everything.
  3. ^ offered me to use agent service which i declined to use. No deal was ever made with him, i would like this idiot to shut up and the administrator to get the infraction towards his person for slander and fake accusation. Also i would like the negative approach in my feedback getting removed until anyone provides the conclusive evidence of any foul activity by my humble person. Cheers.
  4. Decided to sell it, contact me via private message aq +6 - 2 items zaken +4 am +10 dc set +7 ttset +7 tt set +99997 drac set +6 db +11