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  1. Yea but they do not last sadly/are full of bugs sadly (except very very few)
  2. - Elven Elder lv 65+ - Sorceror lv 65+ - Blue Wolf Robe SET - Homu Acumen - 18kk adena Send me pm here
  3. I still think that H5/GF were the best chronicles of this game and i can't believe to see so many shity interlude servers poping on
  4. Got so disappointed by this server that i'm not even surprised
  5. L2 died cause official servers went so greedy with retarded P2W shops and sh1t features with new chronicles, the game play itself now you do not even need to farm youself
  6. Was wondering aswell, thanks for the topic :D
  7. SPH 83 at 52% : Full A grade : DC Robe SET / Majestic Jewels SET / Flaming Dragon Skull Water Dragon Pendant lv 3 +8 All spirit elements to rank 3 Brooch lv 4 : Vital Stone 3 / Sapphire 3 / Jade 3 / Garnet 3 / Pearl 3 / Diamond 2 2.3b Adena + 81 Donation Pounds in inventory 3rd class skills learnt : Arcane Power / Bind / Wind Wortex Slug / Arcane Shield A lot of EXP Scrolls and Runes in inventory Price : ~180€ (Paypal only, you go first, gift only) PM me for more informations or if interested