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  1. We're back to work! We've updated all info about farming systems, and we've made a new dynamic spawning system.
  2. We're working on this as a hobby, making something we'd like to play. You're welcome to try it out to see if you like it or not when it comes to be online!
  3. Have some cookies <--- We've been hurrying up as much as we can these days. We've been focusing on items for a while, accessories are done (even though we might change, add or delete some of them). We'll make some other excel docs about that later, for now, as soon as we open the closed beta, we'll also launch a webpage with a small database containing classes/skills/items/etc so players can have access to as much info as possible. About the 'daily videos' stuff, we'll get into that when we start working on classes (in less than a week I hope) for now, we just need to add some finis
  4. Sorry for not posting anything for the last days, Epica's been working on 'target handlers', which means that you'll be able to control a bunch of stuff, for example, you'll be able to heal yourself without needing to lose your target, you'll be able to use AOE buffs/heals without or without buffing/healing flagged party members, include or ignore flagged players with AOE skills, all this stuff can be controlled by pressing the Shift or Ctrl keys before casting a skill. These and some other aspects will completely improve quality of life for all players. As soon as we're done with that (hopefu
  5. We've implemented our own client-sided Bestiary! Join us on our Discord Server so you won't miss our newest features! We'll be posting info about monsters' AI soon! https://i.imgur.com/45FXwyf.mp4
  6. We've spent nearly two weeks working on both Client Modding and Custom Mob AI, and i'm confident to say that we've made a lot of progress! If you're interested on our project, join our Discord server! Don't miss the opportunity to participate on our closed beta! it'll be announced anytime soon! - Ported animations from Grand Crusade to High-Five - - Some of our own custom interface elements! - Another big post with lots of info about Mobs AI will be uploaded soon!
  7. Thanks! Luckily, class balance won't be an issue, as we've made our own tools to make it way easier to balance stuff!
  8. We've updated A LOT! of info about our project, some of it will be posted here. If you are curious about it, or want to get access to all the current information about our project, or ask us directly about it, please join our Discord server! Here it goes!; There are plenty more events that are still a work in progress. Again, If you want to blame us, tell us to f*** off, tell us to get our asses on the server an
  9. Thanks for your kind words guys! we'll be posting lots more info on our Discord server and here today!
  10. Updated Olympiads! Updated Elements System! - The chance of an item to successfully acquire elemental properties is properly shown at each stone's description. Defensive-type element increases by 6 per each successfully attached stone, while Damage-type element increases by 10. - The chance of successfully attaching an element to an item decreases as the elemental-level increases, as well, Defensive-element addition is capped at Level 4(+60), while Offensive-element addition is capped at Level 7(+300). - Adding Elemental properties to an item, provides with special damage or defense
  11. Join our Discord server! Introduction: Bellion is a highly customized server, which offers a long-term game progression, without affecting the game's balance nor newcomers' or any player's experience. Nearly 100% of the game's skills have been reworked, including their in-game descriptions, as well as nearly 2000 new own-made skills that have been added with the purpose that all classes are viables and enjoyable by everyone. Nearly the totality of the items of our server (general equipment, misc, etc...) are either brand new or re-made ones to fit the game's purposes. We ar