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  1. L2Pride(customization), L2Gold(customization), L2sublimity(website char items check,etc)


    But i played recently pvp4fun.com, despite the server is garbage 0-5ppl on since start and dead in 1 day.

    the WEBSITE and donation part was insanely well maded. Its also a custom l2gold weapons server thats why i played.


    Recently i joined CP and played l2megapvp, l2deflect, l2warrior.. 2k+online 1k+online etc. disliked. l2j, crit errors, unbalance(mages op everytime) and no skill required(no customization that actually CHANGES playstyle)



    looking foward now to waste time on Deazer l2pride.pw and l2gold.in beta next week... after idk 10 years of lineage im without good servers.


    like 10 years ago i played the first ~Dav server(owner of original pride). was aePvP with coliseum arena as main place.....

    and 10years too i played a very interesting concept named l2Echo-Kinects.. i think is because dev edited all classes well.. buffs well.. in this video you can see ppl running fast with cov.. every server i try i walk like a turtle. every l2j crap uses magnus and crit 4/5 hits. enchant scrolls was the only way and the prize of winning a TvT. lul small server tough but if i remember, it was super fun.


    And today or yesterday L2Reload or L2Reality opened.. i remember those names but the servers was different... there was very customizated items.. even custom hero skills, i think it was reality.. reality weapons etc.. i joined those new servers and disconnect soon.



  2. I`m just a player there <<<--- But this is a 1000+online pvp high rate 300x server, with some custom, best i ever played so far.. for a long time.





    • Server (EXP) - 300x
    • No Custom Itens
    • Custom Starting Zone
    • Jewels Bosses (GM Shop - Hard Farm or in Grand Boss)
    • Party Zone (PvP)
    • Server Commands: .menu | .status | .raidinfo and others
    • Nobless: Killing Barakiel
    • All boss Chaotic Zone
    • Barakiel Time Respawn: 3h
    • Buff Slot 28 + 4 (Divine Inspiration free)
    • Scheme Buffs in NPC
    • All buffs in NPC
    • Buff time 3 hours


    Enchant Info

    • Safe Enchant: +3
    • Max Enchant: +16
    • Scroll chance: 60% Max +10
    • Blessed Scroll chance: 90% Max +13
    • Golden Scroll: 1-13 chance 80% / +14 (30%) +15 (20%) +16 (10%)
      Failed ? only loses scroll

    • Augment chance: 5% Only STR+1 MEN+1 CON+1 INT+1



    • You can only farm with 1 Client per (HWID)
    • 3 Dual-Box per (HWID)
    • Anti-DDos Attacks Protection


    Clan & Alliance

    • Raid Boss Zone Limit: (18) 2 Partys per Clan/Ally.
    • Grand Boss Zone Limit: (27) 3 Partys per Clan/Ally.
    • Siege System: Allowed all castles 7 in 7 days
    • Only registered clans can join the siege
    • Alliance Info: 2 Clans


    Event Info

    • TvT Event
    • CTF Event
    • Party Farm Event
    • Tournament: (3x3 / 5x5 / 9x9)


    Custom Informations

    • Olympiad Hero 7 Days
    • Safe +6 in olympiads
    • Min 9 Matches to be Hero
    • Chance Min Debuffs - 10%
    • Chance Max Debuffs - 90%
    • Geodata Active - Yes
    • Sub-Classe Quest - NO
    • Classe Master - Yes
    • Auto Learn Skills - Yes
    • Auto Learn Loot - Yes
    • Auto Learn Raid & Grand Boss Loot - NO
    • Wedding System - Yes
    • Player Spawn Protection 30 seconds



    All configurations and features that have not been reported here are Retail, that is, equal to the official Lineage II, or were considered irrelevant.

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