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  1. L2Pride(customization), L2Gold(customization), L2sublimity(website char items check,etc) But i played recently pvp4fun.com, despite the server is garbage 0-5ppl on since start and dead in 1 day. the WEBSITE and donation part was insanely well maded. Its also a custom l2gold weapons server thats why i played. Recently i joined CP and played l2megapvp, l2deflect, l2warrior.. 2k+online 1k+online etc. disliked. l2j, crit errors, unbalance(mages op everytime) and no skill required(no customization that actually CHANGES playstyle) looking foward now to
  2. I`m just a player there <<<--- But this is a 1000+online pvp high rate 300x server, with some custom, best i ever played so far.. for a long time. http://www.l2megapvp.com/ Gameplay Server (EXP) - 300x No Custom Itens Custom Starting Zone Jewels Bosses (GM Shop - Hard Farm or in Grand Boss) Party Zone (PvP) Server Commands: .menu | .status | .raidinfo and others Nobless: Killing Barakiel All boss Chaotic Zone Barakiel Time Respawn: 3h Buff Slot 28 + 4 (Divine Inspiration free) Scheme Buffs in NPC