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  1. Sell sph 83lvl

    full DC armor +3 +4 and some parts +6 in wh.. 

    400milion adena..

    60 armor enchantment stones 

    Toi lvl 6

    Daimon +5 super feoh 10

    3 zodiac agathions +3 

    2 skins (1 rare) 



    Pendant +8

    2 months premium 
    Hat +1wit +1dex

    Message me for more details

    (I can sell each part separately with a good offer) 

  2. SELL IN L2SAGA(classic 3.0)  SPH 82lvl daimon+3   Full DCset unseal.. Pendand+8/cloak/3Agathions lvl3/ 400mil inventory/ 350+eab / 50ewb / Premium for 2months.. +some extras..
    send message if you are interested