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  1. Hy ! I wanted setup the l2net for l2elixir, but it didnt work or i did smth wrong... i dont know, i need your help guys....
  2. i need to do it step by step for l2net? http://ltwonet.com/showthread.php?t=76 for oog l2net i must to do only this things ?: QUICK OOG LOGIN GUIDE 1) Get your server's ip (look at login guide if needed) 2) Choose OOG 3) Put ip in, make sure other things are good as well, token for some, port, etc 4) type pass/user and select your server log in etc etc
  3. somebody can help me ? i need it for l2elixir, but i can't do it. pls help me, i rly need it , config plsss
  4. sry for english post, but is it a bot for l2elixir or smth usefull thing?