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  1. HELLO Everyone I want to sell accounts on L2 Giran server PP 56.24 % (All skills learned but not DW. PP has Haste 2) https://imgur.com/pUBNMSJ HE 58.61 % (PL set/C gr jellvery/ +5 Light Crrosbow/ VIP1) https://imgur.com/vSshGxn SR 56.43 % (PL set/C Noble Elven Bow 450k adena) https://imgur.com/MiQ6Pkz WC 48.74 % (all skills exept vamp and rage/ VIP1) SWS 44.55 % (moon set/top D bow from shop/ VIP1) BD 44.01 % (moon set/Saber duals) Destro 42.36 % (Moon Set/ D hammer/VIP1) Spoil 37.78 % (Briga set+3 +shield/ D Morning star +3/ VIP1) Crafter 37.47 % (monn robe/ Tarbar/ random mats, quite many/240k adena) There will be upcomming DA 51 lvl with Chain Set and Stormbringer PW me withyour offers. I prefeer MiddleMan or PayPal (friends/family) payment method Every acc have its own E mail adress dedicated. Here you have my Skype live:5578029e2a5aeff6 This is my discord if u need (Palanthir#6319) to know more about accounts, but I prefeer PW here on MaxCheaters or post below Cheers