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  1. Hello Guys, I am selling my Gladiator which is only 20% away from level 57 with almost maxed skills. In Lineage 2 Classic NA Giran ==== Gladiator ==== Level 56 Weapon: Stormbringer duals Armor: Chain set Skills: Almost maxed ( Sonic move and dual defense are learned) ===== PM Offers
  2. Hello Guys, Selling my Necro and Shilling Elder Both are LVL 51. In lineage 2 Classic Giran ========Necro========= Level 51 Weapon: Staff of Life +3 (top D) Jeweries: D grade Armor: Karmian robe Set Cursed death link: learned (book costs arroung 12kk) ===================== ===== Shilling Elder ===== Level 51 Weapon: Mage Staff Armor: Moon armor set ===================== PM offers.