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  1. Hello there, New to MaxCheaters and hope to get something going here! Currently selling Adena + Accounts on L2 classic US - Talking Island server All trades will be done with trusted and public middleman (i can pay for this) to begin with to establish my trust as a seller. All accounts are my own and i have original email address and i will give the mail account away as well if requested. Adena: ~~Out of Stock~~ Accounts: DA lvl 56 and 5% Iron Will + Horror learned. (Can have gear: Full Plate Set, Sword of Delusion, Luxury C grade set or naked) WC lvl 56 and 1% Rage, Fury, Vampire, Movement learned. (Can have gear: Karmian set 4 piece, Elven jewlery set or naked) TH lvl 57 and 10% lvl 4 ViP - 6 days Hide + Sand Bomb learned (Can have gear: Dark Screamer, Theca Leather Set, C grade Jewlery set or naked) Throw me an offer for accounts and we'll see where we land! Best Regards SGT