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  1. Everything went smoothly... if youre looking for an honest and and quick seller. this is the guy you should be asking ! I couldnt reocmmend him more. Beware of scammers here..... but this beaver guy i would trust him with a million dollars !!! Haha ! Thank again.
  2. thanks i dont need anymore... recommand this beaver guy !!! hes awesome!
  3. Looking for 1 DD, EE, SWS... let me what you got !
  4. blade dancer is sold, everything went very smoothly... excellent seller.
  5. 58 Spellhowler w/ CDL++ Original owner, comes with email+credentials. VIP 3 Special price for the next 3 days 220$usd!!! ONLY ALL MAX LEVEL SKILS -Clear mind (learned) -Silence (learned) -Tempest (learned) -Curse Death Link (learned) -Vampiric Claw -shadow flare 90 PVP/ 3 PK , 0 karma. All skills worth almost 20kk
  6. Bought from this guy a couple times and hes always quick and efficient, would recommend, cheap prices. Thanks man.