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  1. Hello there! I am looking for someone who can adapt a PSD design to IPS 4. Noobs & scammers please stand by :)
  2. This is the most epic scamming method i ever seen. I promise that i won't give anyone to buy your trash!
  3. Learn English you dumbass. I have your sources. I can provide anyone and anywhere the whole info about that they are not same. Anyway i will share them when i will be at home on MXC. So people gonna check it ;)
  4. You have scammed a person very hard. The test build that you are providing for people is containing netty, but the source that you are selling to people is not with it. Source and test build has a big difference. You are providing a fake files. Your pack has 3 major bugs which can be destroy the whole gamplay & economy. If anyone is interested to see these bugs i can provide you all individually. So everyone who wish to purchase this pack or sources, contact me before to see the shit.
  5. WWW.ES-L2.NET WWW.ES-L2.NET/FORUM/ Chronicles - Client Interlude (GamePlay C4 Style) Server location - London Server timezone - GMT+1 Experience: x45 Skill point: 65 Adena: x200 Drop Rate: x5 Spoil Rate: x3 Max level: 78 Autoloot: Disabled Maximum allowed boxes: 2 Subclass: Without Quest. Noblesse: Monster Only (Shortened - Kill Barakiel get Noblesse status) NPC Buffer: Available up to 76 level. AIO Characters: Enabled Auto Events: TvT, Deathmatch, Capture The Flag, Goddard War. Main Town: Goddard Class occupation: 1st - Free (Bonus 10.000.000 Adena), 2nd - Free (Bonus 20.000.000 Adena), 3rd 50.000.000 Adena (Bonus 1x BOG) Hard Enchant System: Enchant Scroll Chance - Fighter Weapons 60% / Blessed 70%, Mage Weapons 55% / Blessed 65% | Safe: +3 | Max: +25 Epic Raid Bosses: Increased level to 85 & drop chance to 100%. ADENA ANCIENT ADENA (Can be exchanged for Seal Stones) GOLD BAR (Drops with low chance on Imperial Tomb Chaotic or Exchange for Adena) BLOOD OF CHAOS (Spoil only item. Drop Area: Mithril Mines) (Drops only at Mithril Mines from Anakim & Lilith with 33% Chance) IMPERIAL CRUSADER - SWIFTNESS IMPERIAL CRUSADER - FORTITUDE IMPERIAL CRUSADER - SUPERLATIVE DRACONIC LEATHER - ASSASSIN DRACONIC LEATHER - RANGER DRACONIC LEATHER - EVASION MAJOR ARCANA - CULTIC MAJOR ARCANA - HARDINESS MAJOR ARCANA - HOLISTIC MITHRIL MINES - FARM PVP Zone Points: Middle & Center Area Bosses: Anakim & Lilith. Area Droplist: Seal stones, Ancient Weapons, Adena. IMPERIAL TOMB - CHAOTIC Zone Points: 4 Rooms Area Boss: Scarlet Van Halisha Area Droplist: S Grade Weapons, Adena, BEWS, BEAS, Water Agathions. Rooms feature: Inside of rooms PK players on death are not dropping their items. FORGE OF THE GODS - HOT FARM Zone Points: High & Low Levels Area Boss: Ember(Hard Core) Area Droplist: S Grade Weapons, Hybrid Duals, Adena, Seal Stones, BEWS, BEAS, Fire Agathions.