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  1. Hello everyone! Due to leaving L2 Community i am planning to sell all of my stuff. All of products are unique and barely used. What is my offer? L2OFF C4, L2OFF IT (Without any major bugs and tested on 300+ online) - Source code is available. L2J Interlude - 3 Different files with it's sources. (Unique one is a Pride Style especially for Pride fans). The other 2 is well configured and stable files without any problem. 4x Unique website design with it is own CMS and any kind of important modules for a successful project website. L2J Classic 2.0 - 2.7, Grand Crusade well balanced server files with it's sources. Many other minor goods which i can show in private. Testing of the gameplay and the rest is also available. I can put anytime a live test server which will help you to see everything with your own. My offer will be available only for 2 buyers. Prices are legit and the rest information will be given in a private. Thank you everyone in this community for all kind of contributing. Keep it going!
  2. Hello there! I am looking for someone who can adapt a PSD design to IPS 4. Noobs & scammers please stand by :)
  3. This is the most epic scamming method i ever seen. I promise that i won't give anyone to buy your trash!
  4. Learn English you dumbass. I have your sources. I can provide anyone and anywhere the whole info about that they are not same. Anyway i will share them when i will be at home on MXC. So people gonna check it ;)
  5. You have scammed a person very hard. The test build that you are providing for people is containing netty, but the source that you are selling to people is not with it. Source and test build has a big difference. You are providing a fake files. Your pack has 3 major bugs which can be destroy the whole gamplay & economy. If anyone is interested to see these bugs i can provide you all individually. So everyone who wish to purchase this pack or sources, contact me before to see the shit.