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  1. WTB Services : 1. Proxy Slider on Server Code 2. Setting Server Proxy + tunneling (Work on Anydesk or TeamViewer my Desk) Note: Source cannot be shared if you want using Middleman i can accepted but only Middleman from MxC PM me on MXC or Discord : Lineage2.id#6656
  2. Lineage2.ID We will release new Lineage 2 Server with Homunculus Patch Estimated Beta : 04/09/2020 Estimated Live : 10/09/2020 XP/SP - X1000/x100 ADENA - X100 Free to Play Server.. All Interface/Class/Skills Works with Almost No Bug.. No Pay to Win. Main Currency : Only Adena.. Stable Long Term Game Play!.. Easy Guide for Player in Discord Farmzone/Item Etc.. GM Shop Till Khrisna Supreme with Upgrade System with Friendly Interface.. All Item, Epic Jewel, Talisman, Cloack, Even Artifact and etc all in GM Shop with Adenas.. Heroes every 1 Month.. Sieges every weekend.. Every Class Already have self Buff.. Balance Class, No One Shoot Death.. No Dragon Weapon, Maks Weapon Supreme Khrisna with Open Limit more than 150k+ HP.. Max Windows Tab 3.. Anti-Bot Protection system.. Fully working Raid Bosses / Grand Bosses with Custom Drop.. Our Detailed Info : Discord : https://discord.gg/Ry82Wy5 Website : https://lineage2.id/ Rate : https://lineage2.id/about.php Forum : https://lineage2.id/forum Hope you join our Lineage 2 server and you can have fun with us.. See you...
  3. @Finn you can test the server itself bro dont judge that use mobius because you will fall if see it , if you want to test or see you can pm me i can give access to test server
  4. Hello, like the name i'm sell the Project, Information (IS NOT FROM MOBIUS!) : 1. Grand Crusade Source Code (Incluse Geodata No-Bind IP) 2. Fafurion available (Compile Pack, unlimited online user and No Ip Bind) 3. Prelude of War Source Code 4. Homunculus Source Code 5. High Five Source Code (Forum in-Game, Facebook API, 8 Vote Reward Site, Masterio PvP Fully working, ETC) about Price and Test Server please DM on MxC, Note: if you not trust me, you Can use Middleman From MxC for Transaction
  5. i have originality Fandc (platinum topsource) add me on skype : ichan.rinaldi
  6. @Maxtor @DukeAwesome@Fanky@Celestine 1. He refuse refund my payment https://imgur.com/kcEj9Wo 2. Project is to long as the image i pay it on 8 February https://imgur.com/SXe7cUg 3. I don't need the project anymore because i already payment another event engine.. 4. i'm give another solution to this guys but he refuse all method and maxtor promise 24 hours, can you banned him because i cant take any word from him again .. Thanks
  7. First i can't take much about it . 1. He call me SCAMMER , i give proof about i'm no scam anyone here 2. he call me liar for the things he said and i gave proof 3. He bad talk to ME !! Video New CHAT : @Maxtor the project is 4month ago , and i can't take any much word from him , even he racism to me ,, all done now if he can't refund my payment can you banned him permanent on maxcheater ? ++ video : This Old Chat ( you can pause if you want to read carefully) this is old chat i never scam anyoneVideo : https://youtu.be/h0PWsAM_nJMThis New Chat i got scammed 100euro from karaVideo : https://youtu.be/GTBNO8eKrv8 I'm done ,, if someone need more information i can give all screenshoot you can decide about all of it, but my responsible as CLIENT its good : 1. I give Time, i can wait but he disappear without any word 2. I can't take any word if he talk about my religion 3. I pay it full 100e without trouble even i give FRIEND & FAMILLY (paypal) so Admin MxC you can do everything , i'm done as report, all proof i post it here thanks for some people give advance and suggest to me,,, Just 1 word ,, its to long about done the project.. because project leader have more money it should be refund,
  8. i hope so . that the best choice people like you got corona and you can refund my payment on heaven .. i wrong ??? if you cant refund on real world, you can refunded it later on another world
  9. @Burt Gummer he said want to refunded.. if done he will screenshot the Payment to my email.. but i gues is liar so i will waiting here kara send refund payment and sit here https://imgur.com/87rqQDn
  10. I Dont Like argument , talk more with less action , @Burt Gummer (he reply my msg and talk i'm scam 50euro) then i will give the proof i always finish the payment first without trouble, This Old Chat ( you can pause if you want to read carefully) this is old chat i never scam anyone Video : https://youtu.be/h0PWsAM_nJM This New Chat i got scammed 100euro from kara Video : https://youtu.be/GTBNO8eKrv8 So here i just want the TRUTH no DRAMA !! i just report people who scam me , no CREATE DRAMA !! The Fact is : 1. I give Source PRELUDE OF WAR NEW CHAPTER (l2script) all people already know Price of source L2Script 2. I Pay you FULL 100 EURO no REFUND even i have the SCREENSHOOT 3. Kara not Finished my Project even their code all broken and not Completed .. if can i will upload the files broken to here 4. He Dissapear for 3 Month the new truth is : i report him to forum then he reply my msg *(really?)* i was shocked for it He say ileggal upload their FACE to forum ? man no ILEGAL for SCAMMER people,, if i can report it to POLICE i will report it to POLICE dear @Maxtor he said i'm scam kara aka giannis chelidonakis here,, so i upload video. chat with kara , no edited all is truth you can decide about who is got scam here
  11. i can record chating on skype with you first meet till now ,, so i will create it
  12. can you see the screenshoot ? even i dont get the code
  13. mybe some people know who is Giannis Chelidonakis a.k.a Kara ,, Now he use : i'm just Inform to you guys, dont trust this guys . i'm not report this case and crying like baby . i just want to Share to you. i dont want some people or new commers MaxCheater get Scam with this guys !! so Be Carefull scam or not you can decide : Image : https://imgur.com/a/Pi2kLf3 1. He didnt know how to import Project to Eclipse so i give suggest using intellij 2. Even i didnt get the service and code 3. He is totally SCAMMERS !! 4. If he can't Finish the job he will say LAG then END the Remote 5. I give tolerance , change Prelude of War into High Five but he just read my chat , 1 weeks later he Reply my Msg he will complete my Project, but i waiting till now he never msg me again So be Careful dont let some people get scam with this sh1t guys
  14. the simple is : Config files -> server.ini scroll down and replace this MailUser = MailPass =