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  1. im stuck on Login screen :S - spent 5-6 hours to figure out, any suggestions ? Everything seemed to beworking, server shows online, when click server, does not enter, just sits there
  2. Long story short, iˇm noob whoš looking for some directions to right way. Everything about l2OFF, im interested to start with OFF rather with J, i got bunch of questions, ill try give some answers my self and correct me if im wrong: 1. Compiler - "a tool that can be used to have "ready for game files", for L2OFF can be used Microsoft Visual Studio." 2.Decompiler - "Vise versa of compiler, also can be used with Microsoft Visual Studio?" 3. L2OFF Language - is it C++ and PHP ? 4. Advised OS to run L2OFF server would be Microsoft Server 2008 RS 32 bit version? - can end up having memory limit issues 5. How to understand if user has compiled or non compiled ? - I would assume by looking at file extensions like .class, that probably is not possible to open? or can? 6. Alright, i have shared OFF source, what is the first thing developers normally do? - I mean i want to have clean files with what to learn to, i think i found some 7. Lets say im interested to create ALT+B panel onto L2OFF source, where should i start? (ingame ALTB is disabled), does it use html language for community board? 8. How does scripts work? with source i have, there are scripts, are they run automatically, or there are certain functions that will call them? For example (i dont have it), lets say i got TvT script, how could i run it? or there is some global function that read everything thats inside "scripts folder", and is activated based on command or time? 9. lets assume, im interested to write whole TvT script from scratch, where could i start? is there a library that can be used ? Should i be using Microsoft Visual? is there a functions library? Some Advise for installation, right now ive managed to run off, but without NPC exe, for some reason VM Machine that im running (windows server 2008 RS 64Bit) is not showing BOOT.INI, ive already tried to reveal the hidden content, but its just missing, i would assume its because of VMware-is there anyways possible to run directly from windows 10 machine (64bit), also does anyone know direct link for windows server 32 bit or 86bit ? ISOs ive downloaded from MS did not get installed by Vmware for some reason. Another issue was about IP Configuration, i mean on VM ware i would not use WAN (whatsmyip lookup) to setup over lan ? - ive tried Bridge, host, NAT (definitely not working :D). But seemed to be not working, Running on L2 on same VmMachine , it works, when i either use: (Virtual IP) or, i did try with WAN aswell, but on host machine still does not connect through, any advise? - Im bit confident that i missed something really tiny and easy. Also could or would, anyone share Interlude, HF or GF source that is not "TOO TERRIBLE", but is clean from customization, so i could use that as my first files to learn and train on top of these (i believe i would need decompiled?, what would be the compiler?) Thanks for the efford folks!
  3. No arguing here, i just fill out checks!
  4. its not random email :) - using it since 2009 to avoid giving my real name and not having weird usernames "dragonterminator99" , regards warn points, i received it because i mass PMed 1 by 1 2 days ago to people to give their vote regards what kind of server they are interested to see to be opened. Not completely sure about what has trust here to do with regards of taking up a project and getting paid for that.
  5. We are looking for L2OFF Developer who would be able to work on his own full time with Source, Windows Server MySQL. Knows C++, PHP, English speaker. Position is paid. Russian knowledge is welcomed Add me Skype: "aw9j2c@gmail.com" or PM me on forums.
  6. Strawpoll has been updated for multi options.
  7. This questionnaire, is created by iPlay. We are not big community yet - so i cant really ask these questions from there. past 4-5 Days i've been struggling to understand what people really want. So i can try to compile list of setup and development requirements within next couple of days for iPlay server. Server is going to be what community wants, No L2J. This new Strawpoll does not require anyone to register, simply just select multiple answers and click vote, if you guys want to help me out, share this link to other Lineage 2 players you know and ask them to take the questionnaire. https://strawpoll.com/k3x6syg1
  8. Im planning to open l2OFF H5, wondering if 1 donation listing would be reasonable enough to launch this kind of server ? - I can say that total cost of running is 2500 - 3000 month, this is server cost, return of investment on source (average per month divided by multiple months, i wont reveal the real price), advertisement, protection, . What i would like to do is: have only Premium Account Status on x20 for 20$ a month. Other than that server should be running passive, there wont be a need even for admin to login the server, unless checking for bots - but current bot protection we have, adrenaline cant by pass it (for now) and weekly events, like letter collection etc - any case its not the issue. So i'm hoping to reach 1500 online on opening day What are the chances, having 1 donation listing not working? What im basically asking is, what is the safe donation services server could offer, without damaging the economy of server and let it bloom on it's own - what i care about is more forums and community.
  9. [L2OFF] iPlay.GG

    Good afternoon ladies and gentleman, i'm not sure if i can add this topic here YET, but currently i'm working on L2OFF server development and would like to get your feedback on some of the functions. Beta server should be up and running somewhere between 12th - 19th December, so before that i got make list of functions. Server should be released in beginning of January 2018. Development discussion: http://iplay.gg/forums/index.php?/forum/18-x20-development-discussion/
  10. Hi5 max level is 85, unless its modded private server. Above 85 levels are only official servers
  11. Discussion iPlay Server

    Decision has been made, we will continue with developing aero style off server High Five, and faction server will be our future project. I've also managed to setup a minimalistic web design (i prefer clean modern looking, rather than flashy and naked Dark elfs). Logo does need to be more better looking, i got friend who is brilliant with photoshop, hopefully he will make one for me for couple beers ^-^. http://iplay.gg/ Now will struggle with setting up forums, hopefully by end of tomorrow web is ready to be visited. http://iplay.gg/forums - Forums are ready by Today, i should be finished with exact server features!
  12. Discussion iPlay Server

    you are completely right, at mid rate thought, i mean euro servers are so much damaged that people only enjoy quick pvp. Regards aero, i think this is it, im currently having a conversation to set the final price on development. regards advertisement, we will avoid platforms like hopzone, topzone, and underground offers - just simply google and facebook, no funny business. As i mentioned before, my interest is not to make profits with project, just making sure that it will pay its own costs, as our other focuses are building a community. But what do you think off platform should be, h5? Classic with aero style? GoD ? ps: just having that thought on table, but gve wouldve been similar to interlude-online or old l2mafia as kvn server, but OFF H5 with limited buff usage and well thought system where all classes would be usable.
  13. Good afternoon, for past couple of weeks i've been thinking about launching a off server, H5/GoD/Classic - but i would like to know what people would be mostly interested in ? What i personally want? Would like to achieve self sustainable server, would not mind about profits as my main goal is to build a gaming related network. Probably only donatable item would be Premium Account with 30% boosted exp/drop etc. or maybe some designed skins - but that's pretty much it. I've done some calculations regards investment and i think i would be able to reach 800 - 1200 player base concurrently online (it's close to 5 digit numbers). Server should be untouchable by GM's and Admins, self driven economy (i would have 3 moderators running bot hunting, with very limited commands). So main question is, would it be interesting to have GvE type of server ? or x30 - x50 PvP? x10 hardcore? or Aeron style quick pvp (i love their work, just amazing) ? Also what platform, GoD/HF/Classic 2.0 ? Please leave your ideas down below, i will definitely check them out. Progress: - Domain iPlay.gg purchased (for next days will be busy with building a web/forums) - http://iplay.gg/ Website is up - We will launch and work on Aero styled insta pvp L2OFF H5 - http://iplay.gg/forums Forums up and running Thank you