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  1. Due to HourBoost.com surpassing 15.000 registered users, there will be a 25% discount on all products besides the trial package, if you use code “15KUSERS”. Additionally, we’ve created a giveaway which is free to enter: http://goo.gl/Q4aFpK
  2. HourBoost.com has once against expanded their array of services, from now on you will be able to buy HourBoost.com package at a 15% off discount and support our partner OmniAim.net! We expect big things to happen, we believe this partnership will help both of our sites grow. Packages can be bought on the homepage of HourBoost.com. Direct store link: https://selly.gg/@HourBoost
  3. Valve has changed their privacy settings drastically, however this does not impact HourBoost.com Make sure to make game details public and tick off the box below, otherwise people will not be able to see your games and playtime.
  4. Happy Easter everyone! Enjoy the time with your family and take a break when its needed. Use code "EASTER" on HourBoost.com for 20% off all packages. Offer ends April 7. Regards, Marc "NoHax" Harvey.
  5. All the winners of the giveaway has been announced in the Gleam Widget: goo.gl/j6wy4j If you won, please check your email.
  6. Hello, We have set up 4 different HvH (Hacker VS Hacker) servers, so that the hackers can play against each other in a controlled environment without VAC (“Valve Anti Cheat”). Servers: NA HourBoostHvH 16k MM HvH: mmna.hourboost.com:27058 NA HourBoostHvH NS HS: nsna.hourboost.com:27058 EU HourBoostHvH 16k MM HvH: mmeu.hourboost.com:27068 EU HourBoostHvH NS HS: nseu.hourboost.com:27078 The servers have several plugins to enhance the player experience and make it a more enjoyable experience. Additionally, we have created a giveaway, join for a chance to win a Falchion Knife | Stained (72$): https://goo.gl/j6wy4j Got any questions or suggestions, email us here: hvh@hourboost.com Regards, Hacktify Digital Group Administration.