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  1. Sorry for reviving this old topic. But,actually this guide was made by me back in 2k10 ...Just look the day of my post....You could at least give me credits...
  2. me bgazei auto to error otan kano compile Buildfile: C:\Users\MelonDy\workspace\L2J_Server\build.xml checkRequirements: getChangelogDateVersion: BUILD FAILED C:\Users\MelonDy\workspace\L2J_Server\build.xml:221: Execute failed: java.io.IOException: Cannot run program "svn": CreateProcess error=2, The system cannot find the file specified Total time: 327 milliseconds
  3. Why the buffer works only with my admin char,and with normal chars i can't even target the buffer?
  4. Euxaristo para poly :).Tora kapoios an mporei na me dosei link gia high five geodata tha einai kai o protos!
  5. Geia sas paidia...psaxno poly kairo gia geodata gia to high five kai den brisko tipota..Episis mporeite na me dosete kana link gia gm shop kai gia buffer?Euxaristo poly kali sas mera.
  6. You should be able to do this using the file manager.
  7. What is your control panel?
  8. dj32

    Karma abuse

    did i ask you the definition of the word stupid?
  9. Made a joke and got dekarmed from extremedwarf for being stupid? its very sad that the forum ended up with selfish idiots doing anything they want. PS* The first person who replies with his name starting with "e" is faggot
  10. The files listed with an asterisk in this picture must have 777 privileges,you should change the privileges of these files,and proceed to next step.
  11. That's actually a nice one :)
  12. Yes,centos is the best choice if you know how to handle it,if you don't it can be diffycult,so stick with the os you know better.