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  1. With that: hInGame you can see ONLY the HP (not MP) in game for players and mobs. I hope that helps :D
  2. Anyway ... thank you :-) And btw I didnt mean to offend you with my P.S. about fake images... Take care
  3. LOL ... I dont wanna be a part of R.C.C (Russian Cheaters Community) but a little help to the right direction would be enough... I want to find it my self and I dont have anything with Russians (on of my best friend is from Russia). P.S. I can make a fake image in Photoshop in about 10 mins. Is yours a fake? I am a little bit sceptic here...
  4. Wow!! And I dont mean WorldOfWarcraft [-X ... :lol: How did you do it?? Any more info please??
  5. Thank you very much for the info (and the quick reply) !! I will keep you informed with anything usefull I will find.
  6. I was ...playing around with Lineage2 (connected to a server) and TSearch ( Download link here ) a similar program to ArtMoney and I found some intresting (at least) results. But let me explain to you in more depth. I keep finding the SAME ALLWAYS address in memory where client stores info. If you open inventory it holds the ammount of adena you have. If you buy or sell something it holds the ammount of the item you buy or sell etc etc. There are also 2 memory addresses that the client stores the amount of adena you currently have but these addresses are dynamicaly changing (close and reo