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  1. oh god , why u did that guys... the only chance to get some money , if he need you again ... thats my opinion , reporting him here , into a dead forum .. he dont care xd i hope you get some money at least , gl
  2. you was working all of this time without get any $$ ? man WTF
  3. I will use always these formulas , I prefer to see unskilled players cry than a skilled say me I can't play with my personal compo
  4. mages have tons of cc , without cc you cannot kill a pony daggers is assasin class backstab deal 1k to 2k dmg ONLY from back in won't nerf an assasin class for some mage classes that deal 800 dmg per spell from range without skills u cannot kill any1 .
  5. mages have tons of cc , without cc you cannot kill a pony .
  6. example Ally buff animation appear , that was my mistake , I did test again and animation appear , my request is for party animations well I m used clean system and animation appear again with chance , and on major group heal dotn appear at all! My average casting is about 700-800
  7. I talk about Player and not Buffer* Please if some1 have any idea why this happen`s send me pm or reply here..