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  1. We give rewards if you participate in one of our advertise events.
  2. Well guys, open beta phase ended... lots of things fixed, we will run fully tomorrow on 18:00. We are waiting for each of you to try us out!
  3. Open beta phase started. - Get me there!
  4. You really think i would comment that on my own server .. ?
  5. Don't miss the chance to play the most enjoyable and in same the best high five pvp server of all times. L2 Thone is a respected projects with lots of works behind. Be with us on the 3rd of August, many clans and players will join. #wemakeyoursummer WEBSITE : FORUM Chronicle High Five Part 5 Unique Features Advanced dressme system with unique weapons/armors (can be disabled)! PvP Zones rotate every 2 hours PvP Class Balance Augmented items can be traded/selled/... Geodata without errors & wallshots Subclasses unlimited with Class Spec