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Posts posted by Zeff♂

  1. 16 hours ago, nasiff said:

    again this trash? 2K20 and this man no stop opening shit servers... 


    dont join more to l2ovc guyz, first day only have people, then all leave.. always the same with this.. dont donate more for this idiot..

    big trash and corrupt server

    im a player in OvC, why you are saying fcking lies.
    Emerald never been corrupted even if you say him something about corruption he will insta bann you w/o to speak.
    Server live is much more longer depends of much things but 1month+ for sure 
    This is great experience to play in OvC, alot of things to do and good competetion 

  2. On 3/3/2018 at 3:01 PM, L2 OvC said:

    This is how real features looks like!






    2 Sealable Altars
    4 Destroyable Flags
    1 Domination Zone


    And hundreds of players to try and rule them all!




    Many more new and trully unique features you will find only in L2 OvC.

    Awesome. Guys, prepare your clan and reg in forum. 6DAYS left to the best GvE server.

  3. in l2ovc you can farm with bishop/ol/tanks without party you can play also and spoiler 
    no custom shits, like dynasty set/wep/jws .. 
    Thats mean perfect balanced between all classes is not only mage and archer server