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  1. u can also make alot adena by selling CL/Steel and cokes thouse 3 materials are on spoil with a decend chance  in bee hive

    well where i`m spoiling(the cripts of d) im getting also b hemp(from scout) , m ore(from ranger) ^^..also very needed mats...easy mobs to kill to(blunt weak point:> )...and steel AT every mob ..the ori ore kinda sux but it`s ok.. if u dont get ori ore u get b hemp..:P..and at steel u`re getting m ore too but steel at EVERY mob..and u know..steel if very needed these dayz:) sells like bread


    cokes i donno..cheap mats^^ doesnt whort it..steel,ori ore,m ore one of the most expensive mats:P


    PS : found another spot WITH the same mobs but no mo` agro mobs like grave robber guard:D.. so it`s pewfect now..no one is attacking u:>




  2. yep but if u`re low on adena(like me after spended 1-2weeks to craft myself a sov..i didnt had the dwarf then..) and dont have nothing to do after..it`s pretty good to start a dwarf.. i`m staying in that ori ore/steel/braided h place now with a sin eater..(u dont gather XP or SP with it..so u WILL not lvl up^^ )so it`s a money heaven place:)) made 30kk in 2dayz(spoiling only like 2-3h)...and i`m selling the mats very fast...and i had 3kk when i started my dwarf so imagine how happy i am now^^..money just keeps roling:D..

  3. actually wow graphics doenst sux that much..yes l2 is over wow at graphics ..but try to raise your wow settings to high;) it`s actually good..dont folow the google pics with wow..now they really sux:)..wow=much more complexe gameplaying/average grap. [][] l2=simple gameplay/great graphics:D..

  4. i googled a lot on this thing....windows really reserves 20% of bandwith BUT FOR qos..(quality of service) when it`s actually ACTIVE running..(whats qos? wikipedia quote : "Quality of service is the ability to provide different priority to different applications, users, or data flows, or to guarantee a certain level of performance to a data flow" )


    so here`s an example .. if u`re downloading 2 things at the same time from 2 diferent programs (ex mozzila and the other one a ftp client or smthing like that).let`s say that ftp client uses the qos  service..so u will see that from ftp client u will download much faster and the mozzila download will be slower .why? because the ftp client uses the qos service(has much more priority from the bandwith with the help from qos) ..so the 20% bandwith IT`S STILL YOURS.....u`re still using it but it has more priority for the prg that are using qos)...


    so yes this will increase your loading page speed etc...becuz maybe there where programs in your comp that used qos and took 20% of your bandwith...now all of your prg uses equally your bandwith..:D..but at download speeds it wont be any diference

  5. first of all i`m sorry if something similar to this is posted anywhere....this is made just by me after searching drop/spoil spots calculators(like pmfun,stratics, etc) ,comparing them and chosing the best places..

    + all the prices are from a 4x server(dex) very populated and great economy


    well i`m playing a dwarf(spoiler) on a low rate srv(4x dex if u know..).. so here`s my guide ^^ :


    -lvl 1-5 nothing really just kill kill kill >.> (stick on gremlins till 4-5 then head to town..buy some gear..that bone armor thingy and a decent weap...presuming u have some money maybe it`s not your first char^^)

    DONT SPEND SP on skills yet:P

    -lvl 5-10 exit throught the north exit..head down and go on a killing spree on the black wolves,the orcs,gremlins there till lvl 10(they are just down the north exit) and head back to town and get the spoil and sweet skillz :D..(from wharehouse npcs..) oh and btw if u can take the weap maestry and other things..

    -lvl 10-14 - coal mines a bit..kill everything u can get^^

    -lvl 14-20(money making now:> ) http://img183.imageshack.us/img183/9990/adenworldmapinterludebied0.jpg

      -->>stick JUST on "Goblin brigand leader"..spoil : VARNISH+IRON ORE..both at the same time;)

      -->>stay here till lvl 19-20..if u`re on a low rate srv this is perfect u should spoil around 300-400 ironore/varnish

    -lvl 20 HEAD to giran..if where u`re playing in a populated srv..stable economy etc,lots of buyers sellers u can easly sell your iron ore /varnish for about 4-5k each(on a 4x server) and make the mats : 300x5k(varnish)=1.500.000  + 300x4k=1.200.000 = ~2.800.000 adena :D...it`s just enough for a brigadine set and top D grade axe from weapons shop..

    AFTER u bought your d set start THE 1st class ransfer quest(the most boring q u will ever find..)


    -lvl 20-26 dion area..kill ol mahum rangers(spoil : varnish 1/3) , monster eye searcher(harder to kill - spoil: a bone 1/1 ,suede 1/3) and the big guys(looking like bugbears like in ruin of despair..dont remember the name)..this is just boring no money makin now:D

    -lvl 26-33 TOP.. a PERFECT spoil place for this lvl range in cripts of discrace (http://img144.imageshack.us/img144/1000/adenworldmapinterludebiob3.jpg)

          -hunt there "Grave Robber Scout" ( ORIHARUKON ore 1/7 IT`S the best place to spoil ori ore for your lvl now .other mobs are like 1/80-1/90 spoil chance..almost all the time u wont get ori ore)

          -hunt the same time "Grave Robber ranger" (SPOIL : steel 1/3 , mithril ore : 1/7)

        ---> beware ..this 2 mobs are NOT agro but around them are "grave robber GUARD"..and YEs they are agro:) and lots of them, remember to bring your haste pots, alacrity pots ,and heal pots;) and u will be fine...

          -i spoiled here until lvl 29 like 230 steel and 130 ori ore..and now the mats :

                        Oriharukon ore = ~90k EACH..make the mats(90k x 130=11.700.000 ADENA !! whooie u`re half rich:)) )....

                        STEEL = ~40k each so the mats now ( 30k x 230=9.200.000 adena...:D )

          -so u have now ~20kk adena and u`re just lvl 32 or hell knows what:P ..and believe me on a 4x srv this is more than enough now!

    - ~ lvl 34-35 head to partisan hideaway ( http://lineage.pmfun.com/loc/20211/ol-mahum-captain.html ) and kill kill kill(and spoil ofc^^) the ol mahum captains till lvl 35 or so ( spoil : IRON ORe 1/1 , VARNISH : 1/1 :D and u will get ~ 4 oh them at the same time) ...so again money makin :D...

    -lvl36 + here sux..u really need to think on making the 3 q for 2nd class transf ..:|


    - I WILL update soon for 40+ ^^ ..i didnt passed it yet ..when i`m gonna pass it i will update with more good spots to spoil^^

    ...untill then good luck and have fun..oh and remember IT`S just a game;)....dont spoil 24/7..u have all the time in the world ..bb

  6. Windows take 20% of our speed connection for no reason!We take revenge and we take back our speed!So this cause nothing to ur system.

    There is no reason to pm u,because ppl posted here that it works.If u believe that is nonsense don't use it.Nobody tells u to do it if u don't want.-


    yes windows takes 20% of your bandwith ONLy if u have a bandwith of 10mb or more..so if u have a low bandwith like 2-5mb like me u wont see any diference:P..

  7. my specs : c2d e4300 ~1.80 each core , 3gb ram , hdd seagate 250gb ,and vid b :geforce 8500gt(512mb on it ..256bit--video card counts for vista;)  )


    well..had vista...just one thing to say for it : It`S SUCKING all your pc down:|...had it ..didnt runed it very well..(fast as xp does)+ the aero thingy it`s sucking your vid card too..so this sux alot...by my opinion..vista is for hi-tech computers(ALL MY GAMES sux bad in vista)


    .low-end pcs and mid : xp sp2 for sure...games runs smoothely..and if u want to burst your gaming a bit try omega drivers(google it..dont ask for links) + search the google it`s full with tweaks and guides to make sp2 the best windows out there:D(performance etc..)

  8. well i started with l2 ..played wow to but cant say it really sux just alot more to learn there..the game is much more complexe :P....if u want really "wow vs l2" intense relating tallking topics  ;D check the google(cant post links to other forums).....lots of ppl saying that l2 better than wow and viceversa...but theres no diference..theres just wow players and l2 players...and they will find pointless or good arguments againts the rival game:D....so theres NO point making this kind of topics at all....endless sh_t if u ask me...

  9. so i was youtubing ( word invented be me >.> )  the youtube  ;D and i saw a vid with this site...so..what the hell lets see it..and then i went like "Omfgwtf... :o  :-\".... L2 Exploits  ;D ;D just what i was looking for..but then i saw the "200 post needed" or premium acc(f__k that i love whats free  :D ;D and i dont have a cc for paypal :"> ..)..so i`m starting my first post here.. :P


    well now ontopic :  Hi guys ...i`m new here so wish me luck :D...


    bb&hf :P