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  1. Working method: To scam a some dude for $ 200 Give Maxtor $ 100 Zzap! Profit 100 $ Go next. Yo! This guy brings profit for Maxt.. Maxcheaters also :D PS: I ask to remove my post in case it violates forum rules and does not judge me strictly :)
  2. He scammed me the same way, abusing Pay Pal moneyback system. After that, he created fake report, fake negative feedbacks, spread the slander in my topic, etc. He was banned, but unfortunately, he was unbanned for money later. Really, scammer was unbanned for money and now he keep scam other ppls (WTF LOL)
  3. I see the textures that I painted with my own hands. (I have vector sourse) I see the code I wrote myself. (I have sourse) I see the schedule for the post, I see my words. (It is visible to All) I am ready to provide any part of the open source code to verify this for Global Moderator. PS: And also in "your" creation stolen XML another developer. Whom name Elfen. And he can also confirm his authorship and the fact that you are a scammer.
  4. Report to La2V Scammer Intellectual property For resale Post (Lot): My Post (Lot): Uses my Code (in full). Uses my Textures. Uses my Design and Description Content. Uses even my words. Ready to provide any part of source (Code). I also have hidden tags in the code, Which Can Always Confirm My Authorship.
  5. This forum does not belong to me, however, I was kindly provided with the opportunity to communicate with my Private Clients. I did not delete your message. Perhaps it contained abusive behavior (looks like your new message) and was not constructive and for this reason it was removed by another moderator or administrator. If you really disagree with my arguments, which I gave you (Skype) repeatedly and in detail, write about it here, and also you will prove a proof that will correspond to the title of this topic. In this case, I will quote these arguments publicly.
  6. You are trying in vain. Unfortunately, MXC no longer blocks scammers. You are an example. You were banned for fraud, but you are here again. You can slander as much as you like, coz MXC rules don't prohibit it, but don't think that it harms me. People well know what I can and what I have. And you're just a funny man who disgraced himself for a hundred dollars.
  7. Perhaps you bought the interface through a reseller. I do not have information about you and your problems. You can write me a private message on the MXC, Skype Message or use this forum http://forum.l2soft.eu/index.php?/forum/30-neophron-interface/
  8. Hello. At the moment, I have health problems.I'm sorry. Today is the first day when I do not hurt. You can get your goods (I really did it and have it ) or money - at your discretion.
  9. Logix - 2`account of SkyLord (Banned Scammer). http://www.maxcheaters.com/user/131109-skylord/ He creates false comments & fake negative feedback: http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/215605-l2-classic-interface-for-interlude-neophron/page-7 I ask to remove from me a fake negative feedback. I did not conduct any trade deals with "LogiX". And if it's SkyLord multiaccount - he should be banned as well.
  10. I rename him to ScammLord :) Until I deleted it - I can give access through Team Viewer to make sure that this Skype: f4sh10n.
  11. Scammer. Liar. Coward. 100$? No. Now u're reputation < 0. And it's visible to all. PS: Full correspondence here https://screencast-o-matic.com/watch/cbjQ3LlGVG PSS: He made a false report, in which he tries to deceive the moderators and the community with cut-off pieces of Skype correspondence: http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/216532-l2neophron-lier-and-scammer/
  12. As you might guess, this is a fake (Trimming) - Intentional deception of the community and moderators. Here is a video full of correspondence (!): https://screencast-o-matic.com/watch/cbjQ3LlGVG My Lot: http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/215605-l2-classic-interface-for-interlude-neophron/ PS: This topic is created to try to protect from my true report - http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/216511-report-skylord/ PSS: Full Screenshot :)
  13. I banned myself. As a supermoderator. When we decided to leave Rawr. But even if I wrote to you from prison, this could not justify your fraud.
  14. The fact is that this is a lie. He got what he bought. Further, he said that he did not know about the description: But how does he know about the automatic functions that I added yesterday with a note "Coming Soon / For Private & Smart Licence Only"? He knew that. He read. He understood. He made a special transfer with the possibility of a moneyback. Real face:
  15. SkyLord Took away money after receiving the goods. (Paypal / Dispute / Label - "The item is not received") ​Here he made a screenshot of the topic (This topic) with the comment: "He share screens with friend and still waiting for his answer". Product description - http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/215605-l2-classic-interface-for-interlude-neophron/ A bit of video - https://clips.twitch.tv/PowerfulResoluteMarrowShadyLulu Skype: Here is a video full of correspondence: https://screencast-o-matic.com/watch/cbjQ3LlGVG This is untrue. He received his goods. He also edited his
  16. This is Commercial version (For mass use) - It does not have full functionality and does not cost 40 Dollars. - It is Free for Players. (Provided that the owner of the project is a licensee) 25$ is the full version for private use. It includes Automatic Use of Buffs / Buff Potions / Ignore agrr skills / Hold Target / Etc. 40$ - Same + Protection Switcher.
  17. Take an default etcitem.dat and just point it to the address of the icons. Addresses of icons you can see in the my etcitem.dat or texture package.
  18. To do this, you need to rewrite the code for the Shortcut class (Interface.u) with all the appropriate commands. Then assign them keys in Interface.xdat. function getCommand(string param) { switch(param) { case "LaLaLa_A": ExecuteCommand ("/useshortcut "4" 1"); break; case "LaLaLa_S": ExecuteCommand ("/useshortcut "4" 2"); break; } } Etc. Interface.xdat > Action > Key_1 - A Key_1 - None Key_1 - None Action - LaLala_A Key_1 - A Key_1 - Shift Key_1 - None Action - LaLala_A Key_1 - A Key_1 - Shift Key_1 - None Action - L
  19. Even if I were your countryman, it was not easy for me to understand what you are writing and what you want :) Try to explain easier. Like, "I want to click here that it was wow".
  20. You need to write code that parses these vars from the param of the system message and retransmits them through a new function.
  21. UseShortcutItemBlaBlaBla, this is just the value of the string that is passed to the function (class Shortcut). No more. Example: function getCommand(string param) { switch(param) { case "UseShortcutItemBlaBlaBla": makeSomething(); break; case "My_girl_is_beautiful": makeSomethingOther(); break; } }
  22. Why remove the author's copyright from a free patch? Ingratitude & Infamy :facepalm: