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  1. I use Orion EVERYWHERE. It is the best pack that has ever existed. Such good code!
  2. I've been using Intellij since 2013, I know exactly what you're doing and why it works. It's only a matter of time to encounter a class that isn't replacable with that method. I would highly advice against it.
  3. It's not that simple in more complicated classes or if the jar was signed. You just got lucky with the class that you picked and with the fact that it's not. If you just replaced the class in a signed jar you wouldn't be able to run it. That's an oversight on the Lucera's part.
  4. Interesting. I mean i wouldn't use it, I would use injected hooks instead which is better and safer, but interetsing nonetheless
  5. Good luck doing that with an obfuscated project or with a class that isn't decompilable 1:1 Also, is that even working? You skipped the part where you load it in the game and show it working.
  6. If I am re do this again, I would probably do it using the proper Behavior Tree pattern and fundamentally change how AI is implementated in L2j. Building on top of the current ai implementation is like polishing a turd. Let me know if you need a hand to set it up so you can give it a spin.
  7. Always a pleasure getting feedback from you mate. Yeah I'm using them as well on something I'm working on right now in private and they are very handy for testing and balancing. I've actually generalized the logic enough enough so it can replace the default AI of NPCs and monesters in order to make "Scenario" type dungeons or even open world behaviors. It's by far the most fun I had working on anything l2j related but sadly priorities change so I put it in the open for people do use and make whatever they want of it.
  8. Just wanna point out that the above video is built on L2jRoboto by @ShinichiYao and it is not that complicated to do it you know basic programming. The same can easily be achieved with Autobots. I don't think he is selling this mod but maybe check with him.
  9. Well it was by hard the hardest out of all the l2j packs I cracked. Their misdirection game is really good.
  10. Since I'm still getting messages about this, here are a couple of things. Yes I am still cracking projects but until now people didn't want me to share them once I cracked so here are a couple of new rules. If you want your project cracked you MUST agree that I can share the cracked version in this topic Stop asking me to crack Sunrise. Nevermore has given me access to the files for free and I'm not being a dick to people that aren't dicks to me
  11. Yeap. Folks didn’t know where to start with the Autobots code base standalone so I shared it all together with a functional grader setup so they can get started. It also has some other changes like hikari instead of c3p0 which makes db related things way faster. That’s it. Like the title says, you shouldn’t really use it. It’s only here to prevent scammers from adapting Autobots and selling it to kids. They’ll still do it but at least I did as much as I could to give them some guidance. I mean isn’t syntax isn’t really that similar even though it’s close enough. It’s way more sc
  12. [GR] τι να τα κάνω τα ψίχουλα του L2. Για την πλάκα μου το κάνω Awwwee, is it hard for you sweetheart? I’m sorry. I don’t have time for people like you mate. Just follow my lead and try to be something better than the skid you are. Have a good one.
  13. I don't need to shut you up. I don't even know you. Like I said, the project is not a live project that you should use. It's just what I will use as a basis for my shares. That's it. Consider it abandoned. It's in the description :)