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  1. Hi MxC community, I'm looking for a developer for partnership, he will get a good percent of income My project: Client: High five Java Pack: l2jSunrise Interested? DM for more information: Skype: RazuhTroll (Yahya.malallah) Discord: MTJ#2908
  2. Actually, I could text the fake one but couldn't text you xD
  3. Hello Kara, I couldn't reach you in skype because it says messaging unavailable, idk you blocked me or what exactly xD Anyway this is me in skype RazuhTroll (yahya.malallah)
  4. High five - sunrise 3-4 hours job: Little coding, htmls/multisells, and some minor things in the source contact me for more information
  5. Hello Looking for a java experienced developer for 3-4 hours work Contact me either here or: Discord: MTJ#2908 Skype: xRazuh
  6. BUMP 35 euros for a skilled developer to be free the next 4 hours I need him to have a good experience in L2off development Working with scripts and AI Contact me: Discord: MTJ#2908 Skype: xRazuh
  7. Any suggested places? I have no clue where to search :/
  8. He should be experienced in L2off development Working with scripts and AI
  9. Hello, I'm looking for a developer to hire I need someone skilled and have time to work with my remaining developer for the next 2-3 days If anyone was interested, contact me via: Discord: MTJ#2908 Skype: yahya.malallah > xRazuh
  10. As I said I'm not a developer, but this folder cost me 15euro to make, and it's important for Arabic chat to work. at least for l2ro files, which I tried several times.
  11. Well, if you share something, it's not necessary for others, you also get a benefit of it. I would say, if you do good, you get good. And I actually felt really good sharing it and looking for more :)
  12. Hello MxC users, That will be my first share, and looking for more :) First of all, the Arabic script is very special with two essential features: 1- It is written from right to left 2- The characters' shape changes according to their surrounding characters. For example: م ك ي ل ع م ا ل س ل ا> that's the problem Arabic chat faces ( ignore the space between letters, couldn't show you the problem exactly since mxc supports Arabic xD ) السلام عليكم > this is after the fix Anyway, here is the file: https://www.dropbox.com/s/27hj4furl5la7y2/arabic chat.rar?dl=0 Note: I'm not a developer :/, I'm just a server owner that paid for this code and thought of sharing it. I used it for l2ro and it worked fine.
  13. يب حبي كلمني خاص في الديسكورد وان شاء الله برد عليك