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  1. Hello, I want to replace the geo-engine of sunrise to l2scripts geo-engine, is that possible? If yes, how to do? Also, if there is a geo developer who is interested to gain some money :P , please pm me on skype or write here Skype: yahya.malallah MTJ
  2. but the problem is not related to the geodata i have changed the geodata multiple times and it didn't fix the issue I believe the problem is related to the geo-engine
  3. The important part is the one in the oly, it's really frustrating However, i have changed the geodata like 4-5 times now, but didn't work That's why i think it is a geo-engine issue, that leaves a part of the wall not blocking and make players be visible behind it
  4. Walls are not working properly 1= You can hit behind the walls sometimes. this is annoying in olympiad, as nobody can hide behind the wall in the begining of the match as supposed this is an example of a wall in olympiad that is not blocking: https://gyazo.com/92492257b23d90f92c6951c9ebd42c35 this is another example of a wall not blocking as supposed to: https://gyazo.com/dfab82f7722cba2dad62de01187af4ea i can literally hit, from this position, a player that is downstairs 2= if there is stairs, it's not considered as a blocking thing, you can hit even if you don't see the target i can hit from here to players downstairs: https://gyazo.com/ffa71d2c70ca58b0bc1cb5b21ca410e5 3= Sometimes player fall into the ground when they walk in opjects in the ground, such as stones or anything example: https://gyazo.com/e21f9e23d6f6b2cec94771256d577642
  5. Hello, i'm looking for a geo developer to look up my geo-engine my pack: l2jsunrise - high five
  6. Then what is the premium service for? And why all other servers make the drop x6 but I get one stone?
  7. I know how the config is working, but it's not normal to work like that The rate should increase the chance not amount, at least as I know.. So I want to know how to change that
  8. Hi guys, When i put the RateDropItems = x10 (Rates.ini) It multiplies the quantity of the item from the mob eg: Drakos guardian has a chance to give 1 Fire Stone for a chance of 5.6666 However, when I put the RateDropItems x10, nothing happens to the chance, but I get 10 Fire Stones Is that normal?! If it's not, how can I fix it? I'm using l2jsunrise high five
  9. Hello, I'm looking for java developer to work on high five l2jsunrise contact me for more details: Skype: yahya.malallah (MTJ) Discord: MTJ#2908
  10. A trusted and a very skilled developer He is fast either, though <3
  11. Hi, I'm an Admin for an arabian server. We have a problem that Arabic letters aren't connected. it should be like the highlighted way :( i have a code but i want to transfer it to java 8 so the chat works so what i'm looking for is a developer that offers me a good price and works well i need it a s a p please contact me Skype: xRazuh Discord: Copper#2908