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  1. It may be obvious to some, especially this community (mxc) i posted this on many other outlets, however, as an admin that talks to players, especially server hoppers on a daily basis, most people don't know. That is why i am making such posts. It would surprise you how many people are in the dark about this. Besides these smut peddlers spew propaganda on a daily basis, anything to counter that, just a little bit, is a good thing.
  2. The reality is most people don't know all the scams servers use to simulate/stimulate population, and make their server look big and get population. I'm sure they are aware it of some of it, but its doubtful they know how bad it really is, and how much of it is fake, and how much is gained through immoral cut throat tactics. This is to spread awareness to the people who actually care about the quality of their server, and should check for some of these things before playing/supporting them.
  3. This is to help raise awareness about how horrible the majority of private servers are out there, not only do most of these servers lack originality and thought, they also use overwhelmingly immoral tricks/scams/cheats to get players/keep players. This is coming from a server owner that has successful server that has been running over 5 years now, and from a player point of view from when I was a player before that. I will not mention my server name, this is not an advertisement, this is to notify communities to evaluate where they play, and how supporting these abysmal practices only makes it