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  1. Anyone has the same problem? i use acis 345. I think it is not xml but needs rework somehow. Also , a player can have like 5 vortex on him ( dark , wind , light , fire etc ). Anyone experiences the same problems? Anyone fixed them and can share with me his steps?
  2. This is for acis latest ? If i am like 50 rev behind without the newest big updates what should i do to use it ?
  3. Hello, some months ago i found a custom effect for steal essence but i can t find it anywhere now. Anyone may have it? I believe it was the effect from a higher chronicle.
  4. If you read about soyoustart, it was the name of OVH before it becomes OVH. not a reseller, the same company, different brand. Like when Toyota wanted a premium series and Lexus was born
  5. Celestine feel free to prove your point. You can always make assumptions but never say the truth. Cause that's what you do. 1) Prove about icarus that the shares he made belong to volond ( as i recall he posted all the map for his work with steps. step 1 - made this, step 2 - made that bla bla bla bla ) 2) Prove that i am icarus. :) You can't prove either. So, i suggest stop making assumptions, talk with proof as i do and then MAYBE you can start making a point. Until then, i just came here to post an unban request not start a spam topic. Yet you russians seem to like spammy stuff and a
  6. I am not him. Yet i know him. And as far i am concerned at his works that he shared he always placed all the files ( like an SVN or GIT ) step by step so what you say is just bullshit bro. Nobody proved he ever stole anything. if you can find me 1 proof of that, i will admit you. But sadly you won't.... words are just words. But as i sayed i am not him. I saw his computer via skype though some days ago and i saw that he has many projects that i would like him to share so i can take too. ^^ *PS: I thought that i was bad with -1 rep... But you Avve... -30 OMG, don't talk for others broooo
  7. Member Name: IcarusDev Ban Reason : Someone accessed his account and posted a malware. Why you deserve that unban: Because more than 1 year has passed, and he gave the community really unique shares, like this one, that everyone re-shares nowadays http://www.maxcheaters.com/topic/188219-gift-from-icarus-dev-giran-map-with-fountain-il/
  8. Credits are for IcarusDev in the interlude one. He created it for a server named Diamond some years ago
  9. Give credits to IcarusDev. He created it for L2Diamond some years ago. Credits added. First post edited. ~Ave
  10. interlude patch with lucky chest . box chest
  11. i need interlude system with what chest is open !
  12. Ok, sure stop spaming my topic , server is ready and go in some days :)