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  1. Achygay, it has no virus at all lol, i think its part of the antibot system, its banning everyone trying to use any kind of bot, from clicker to more elaborated programs such as Adrenaline, and as far as I know, only Adrenaline 2.0 is working there
  2. Is anyone using it? It gives me EAF6 error, I already changed file names
  3. Did changed the names, what's that MD5 thing?
  4. Hi, my main language is spanish (I'm from México) but I know how to talk and type english just as spanish :) any way of contact?
  5. Hi, so i'm getting this problem and I was wondering, does it mean that the server has good protection? Is there any way to bypass it with the cracked version? I already tried with 1.66 and 1.71 :)