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  1. but, can't find the config file for MSSQL server, only mysql. Can tell me who site are for L2OFF server ?
  2. this is for l2 off too? or only l2j? because inside folder ucp/private are a file cached.php
  3. Hey dude!  how are you?


  4. Porque un comentario con tanta mala leche? o acaso vos naciste sabiendo ? salame resentido de la vida.
  5. Hi ! I get the message Creating library \ Server \ MyExt64.lib and object .. \ Server \ MyExt64.exp. and a lot of .obj files ... how to set up a project to get a .dll file?
  6. This works only for the prject owner, is not for free, when i put on statics, admin area /admin/acpManage, luckywheel, etc receive a error message "this page dont found", any solution for this ?
  7. hi guys , i have already database lin2db with all accounts , so who can use this Account manager without delete my already table "" user_account "" ? and when receive email activation and click these link to activate , nothing happens , cant log :/ ,