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  1. Looks nice. Good luck on your project!
  2. Hello there, Iam looking for a account manager like this. https://cp.l2remorse.com/cabinet/donate#register or https://l2e-global.com/en/cabinet/donate Do you know where can I find one? Thank you in Advance.
  3. Hello Everyone. I just saw a problem on the pack that iam working on. When I click the button in the image above https://prnt.sc/pss2fh THe whole l2 screen becomes black. Do you know what the problem might be? The pack iam using is L2jAcis
  4. Hello there from the image you can see that the client's title has some wierd letters. Do you know how can I fix that? https://prnt.sc/prvj6i
  5. Guys I fixed it the reason was really stupid :P I was using the wrong jar. Iam stupid. Sorry for all this comfusion.
  6. Ive tryed everything really :P I also put a send message but if you are normal player doesnt go inside the method only when you are a gm
  7. I did this from a post from Stinky madness but it doesnt go to the method onActionShift
  8. No iam talking about the original methon inside NPC.java I think for some reason it doesnt read shift when iam as a normal player.
  9. I think its something simple but iam super stupid that I cannot find it :P
  10. But why when iam as gm its going inside the method with no problem?
  11. I tested all the cases that you mentioned but still nothing :(
  12. Here is what i did so far but didnt work on adding else if with config to allow the player to acces the npc drop view https://pastebin.com/a2xftzwL
  13. I think that is my problem. I dont know how to activate it :P I just took the code from stinky madness :P
  14. Hello Everyone, Iam facing a problem when Iam trying to shift click on an NPC to wats droplist. When I do with GM everything is cool but when I do with normal player its not working. The pack Iam using is acis and working on NPC.java on the method onActionShift
  15. Hey Sticky, it doesnt even open the panel when iam a normal player. If iam gm is opening normally. Do you know where is the problem?
  16. Hello everyone as the title says I cannot open these file I think they are locked. Do you know how can I unlock them? Here are the files https://drive.google.com/open?id=1tYQ-dyZJxVLwoZj9AzbQKfMYh8U1PSb_ And here the errorhttps://drive.google.com/open?id=1IqMioQJk6d6z-_k0IZc2m2K6DBfSMf3d
  17. Hello there Iam looking to buy Community board for Classic Client. Something like the one from server L2Lionna