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  1. Best of luck @Dimis4, if you manage to do such a thing count on meh.
  2. a decent high rate eu pvp project, ill enjoy my evening coffe playing few olympiad games.
  3. nice idea, looking forward to try it.
  4. seems nice to check my latest update on interface. is there any OBT?
  5. thats why im showing you how b roar works but as i see your iq is less than normal. some tips for you. try b roar augment on ic set + bless body + con dye + health weapon on 30% hp.
  6. say what? should i teach ya how b roar works? hawkeye with x2 dm crit 2.2-2.4
  7. joined 2 days ago for some oly fights, its nice to see that kind of high rate pvp servers and actually has big amount of players for an eu server. good luck to staff.
  8. 1week max for all those options, thats la2 accept it.
  9. reuploaded cause of music credits