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  1. glad to see ya on MxC community for once more. vote for presidenttate
  2. when br cp has more competition than eu, born in brasil2k19
  3. vale limit 90 sto evasion k tha eisai mia hara, prosthese kai merika accurasy buff mias k dn exeis orio k akoma kalutera.
  4. you can start paypal refund process, it will take more than 20 days but in the end you will will receive your money hopefully. as an old friend said mistakes are painful when they happen, but years later a collection of mistakes is what is called experience. Good luck
  5. indeed, as you said for typical interfaces. Anyway you are not in right section to discuss such things.
  6. Good evening and good luck with your project, the main question is, any info about OBT 9vs9 event? @Lovely Anne
  7. what exactly is your meaning with this
  8. guess what, i got the gold u dont, about the "download link" already i provide 4 different versions for totally free with the 3.6.0 version going up to 100 pages in few months. on topic now AS i say on firstly this topic is made just for suggestion NOT for share. So please try to count post on another section.
  9. you dont need an interface to increase your fps, just change your skillgrp. Interlude client only.
  10. true facts saying the guy who visiting my own clan forum and coping even my apply form, DAMNED boy. keep the drama on youtube feel free to search every single fight against lf especially 9vs9 you've lost every fight against me you still poor boy and still im too old for you in this community.