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  1. yes we are :) also, yes we creating a forum! also we gonna add more features today! Server started successfully with over 120+ players and continously growing!! Feel free to join and check out :)
  2. Stackable Items are working for Grand opening, also Bufftime changed to normal buffs = 1 hour, Dances/Songs 10 minutes! We worked with some Bugs we fixed now, thats why we couldnt install a GM Shop yet. Sorry for that! Gonna get it in today!
  3. trust me, on x6 rates, its not that easy to get full... but we are working on stuck, btw. we are gonna delete spellbooks, cuz they are unnecessary
  4. Thank you, sorry for that.
  5. i understand, we are working on it! also server is back on now!
  6. what do you mean by items 1-1? maybe we can help out! btw. Custom Npcs added for Beta phase! you can join now and test! GL
  7. Thanks for your Feedback, we are gonna add this today! We had to fix some other issues yesterday, today you'll get Buffer / gk and gmshop!
  8. Website: http://l2avalon.net/index.php?was=info Hey guys, yesterday our x6 Low Rate Interlude Server started into Beta-Phase [till 27.09.2019] we would like to invite you to improve and also have fun on our Server! on 27.09.2019 GRANDOPENING! Features: Interlude L2jAcis Server x6 XP/SP x7 ADENA Spoil x6 Stackable Items (Scrolls etc.) Bufftimes: Normal Buffs: 1 hour Dances/Songs: 10 minutes No Custom / oldschool Class Master, No Spellbooks needed >>> NO DONATIONS <<<, a
  9. maybe ur right.. but as i remember i had on my old srv +200 on :o dont know how but it worked :P If its not working i wouldn't have any problem cuz it would be for me and friends then :) But its always working if you have enough publicity :)
  10. so what do i have to do, cuz when i change buffduration via config nothing happens :/ Anyway, does anyone have some time to help setting up the srv? I want to "present" afterwards a little amount of money :) (i'd like to get the srv on till weekend) :P
  11. Yo, Im New to this forum, my name is fiibue and i'd like to tell you my problem. I know i know, i can use the search bar but im not fcking dumb! Could you please help me with buff duration? cuz when i use any program for changing the .xml files nothing changes. everytime any error. I would regard if you could give me a good Programm for Interlude L2jFrozen Thanks :) Another question is that i want to ask some lovely peoples to help me with my srv (IT, L2jFrozen).. if you like to help me just PM me :) I got a big Server machine so i wanna make an big Live server! :P For Those who h