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  1. L2Dorn is averia project, l2dorn failed, so now averia starting new h5 server. Why i said that l2dorn=averia? Bcs on l2dorn FB page 1 day ago there was adv that ''averia OBT started with 1500 online '' (Now this topic on FB deleted, but i think many ppls so that) its just fucking RU project that was made only for money. 1 week and server dead like l2 dorn. And its not GIRLS project, its fucking RU 'boys'' project, they just saying that this project ''AVERIA GIRLS PROJECT'' its just for more ppl, and more money. So dont waste your time and dont join this fucking RU server!
  2. Over 20k Players? OMG wake up Stalonski.
  3. This shit again? Last 3 wipes server was turned off after 2days without any explains from admin.
  4. All ru servers are made for 1month. Every month new server.
  5. OMG Averia again??? Every month new server.....
  6. I think you will get big ddos from Stalone. As he said they are losing many money with every new server. Anyway googluck! :)
  7. This screen from l2neo.com server,
  8. Fail server. After 6-8 weeks online will be max 800 as it was and on last start.
  9. Server failed 2h after start:D