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  1. Hello, i'm looking for Developer/Java creater and editor. I work on L2Pride Pack-Source. I can pay for it! send me a pm.
  2. Hello guys, I'm looking for a Developer-Java creater-editor for my project. I use L2Pride Pack and i will pay. Those who are intrested can send me a message. Thnx!
  3. Hello everyone, i need a bit help about my Final Gracia Client. I have Custom interface.u with 4st line bar but i need 5st. How i can do? Thanks.
  4. Hello guys, i download Lineage 2 Interlude c6 Client to day... And i download patch of the server and i have 3 error's... (I donwload to many system's and i have the same problem, I have Windows 7)
  5. I will join.... but for me is better the Dusk Weapons (Lv2 and no Lv1).
  6. Work perfect in CT2.3 But when i use skill (like Stunning Shot) i get Critical Error. Good job btw.
  7. ofc i see the future... and i don't spend more from 10 minute's here.
  8. I am online in server and when i press /socialdance the character dont dance... I dont have problem only when i press to dance...i have in all Social Actions.... Thnx a lot.