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  1. Hey mr. @Celestine really nice share. I have adapt for ct2.3 but i have a problem with Dual Daggers. Human Mystic, Orc, Orc Mystic and Kamael.
  2. Nice share. Can you give a little help more? whats the size "width" and "height" width=?? height=?? back="Rolo_atbn.HtmlWnd_BTN022_down" fore="Rolo_atbn.HtmlWnd_BTN022"> Thank you!
  3. thnx mate! but i'll change value's and its still same. i think the problem its on effect.
  4. Hello CriticalError, I can say that you impress me, True. Amazing topic/post. I have take the H5 Weapons but i have a problem with the Bow effect. See the sword effect https://imgur.com/uVIKzvl and check the bow effect https://imgur.com/L0t9CVx
  5. only this one work "custom_button.Bar_top"
  6. apla exw parei to Trinity pack. den exw kanei oute decompile oute compile oute tpt.