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  1. Hello, as title say WTS - Blessed earring of zaken - 50 euro - 14 DP - 1 euro (stock of 750 dps) Send me msg here or Skype> prodavac.itema@hotmail.com discord> prodavac.itema#5520 Best regards !
  2. Cannot find BUMB button as there was before!
  3. Hello, I am glad to announce to my old and new buyers that i am selling again adena. I have stock for now ~20kkk, soon it will be much more. 1kkk - 1,5 euro I can do very fast transaction in any time of the day! add me on discord/skype for more information Skype> prodavac.itema@hotmail.com discord> prodavac.itema#5520 Best regards !
  4. Hello, As my title says, wts gear on l2 tales. VNR sets +8/6/8/8/8 lvl7 Vorpal robe set +6 lvl7 vorpal hwy set +6 lvl7 Veniplant +7 300 fire Buster acu +6 300 fire/water Hero cloaks Olf +10 freya necklase tezza necklase +8 AQ ring +8 and more... add me on discord/skype for more skype > prodavac.itema@hotmail.com discord > prodavac.itema#5520
  5. Hello all, As my title says, Wts VALAKAS,ANTHARAS, ORFEN and mage vesper sets +6 lvl7 vorpal sets +6 lvl7 casters +6-8 300 fire/water DP adena add skype > prodavac.itema@hotmail.com discord >> prodavac.itema#5520
  6. Hello all, As title say, WTS items/adena/dp on l2saga.net ITEMS: Vesper robe set +8/10/10/10/8 lvl7 vorpal robe set +8 lvl 7 x2 vesper robe foundation set +6 lvl7 veniplant +14 lvl7 fire rising star +12 lvl7 water zaken x2 Elegia/vorpal jwls 6+ Blessed freya 6+ x5 TOP A grade belt pvp def x5 ~1200 DP ~40kkk stock and some more... Text for more info: skype >>> Prodavac.itema@hotmail.com discord >>> Prodavac.Itema#5520
  7. Moving my seller to server l2saga.net In few days i will have stock for sell. Be patient please ! Send me message for more information. Contact info: Skype: prodavac.itema@hotmail.com ( or prodavac.itema) Discord: Prodavac.itema#0166
  8. - ALL SOLD - MOVING SELLER TO L2SAGA.NET ! WTS DONATION POUNDS GOOD PRICE! Package sale> SOLD Hero mage char with gear: Vesper noble foundation +8 level 7 Vesper caster +8 300 elegia jwls +6 blessed freya +6 Blessed zaken +6 TOP Belt defence +8 Hero cloak Full aguments for hero Send message for price ! For more info skype > prodavac.itema@hotmail.com discord > Prodavac.itema#0166
  9. As title say, WTS soultaker with skills++ (or only items) with PA 100 till 08.02.2020. Items: Elegia robe set +6 veniplant +8, elegia jwls bless freya ~20 kkk Extra > full acc of bishops/soultakers extra account with full titans with gear for instances send msg for price or contact on skype> cule_zr
  10. WTS CHAR+ITEMS ON L2 ERA Duelist 85 lvl Skills +30 Vesper heavy foundation set +8 lvl7 Periel duals +8 300 (agument passive pvp p.atk) Top pvp belt skill attack +6 Elegia Rings Frintezza necklace Vorpal earrings Hero Cloak And ALL aguments for olympiad ! About price, send me message here with offer !
  11. Very good server, only problem low EU players..
  12. WTS sorcer skills +30 with gear VNRF +6 lvl7 set Vesper buster +6 300 Hero cloak Belt skill atk Vepser jwl Freya necklace my reccomendations from old sales contact via skype >> prodavac.itema@hotmail.com or send pm here Best wishes
  13. As tittle say, WTS soultaker char skill +27 Hero cloak Belt VNRF +6 lvl7 Big stock of adena, very cheap !!! add skype >> prodavac.itema@hotmail.com my reputation >>
  14. I think the guy who made you this picture is very bad designer... "Excepting 2,000 more player" ? Is it accepting 2,000 players? Is it expected 2,000 players? And 2,000 is 2 and 2.000 is 2000 .. U should find new designer :D